How do Climestra herbal pills work?

Climestra was developed for women who need a boost in their libido or sexual drive. Climestra is made with all natural herbal ingredients that have been proven to enhance a woman's sexual desire and satisfaction. The herbs in Climestra work together in a number of ways to improve sexual function. After years of scientific research, we have developed a powerful herbal formula that is naturally absorbed by your body with little or no adverse side effects. Many women prefer this all-natural approach, instead of taking prescription pills which have many bad side effects (such as high blood pressure and headaches). Many female sexual enhancement pills being made by major drug companies, do not get FDA approval because they are ineffective and dangerous.

Most women will feel the effects of Climestra within 24 hours. You will feel greater vitality and energy. You will begin to feel interested in sex. If you are going through menopause, you will experience fewer headaches, less moodiness,  fewer hot flashes, and sleep better.

We have taken only the purest, potent herbs that have been proven to be effective in stimulating a woman's body for an enhanced sexual experience. Climestra was created in an FDA approved facility operating under GMP or good manufacturing practices. This product is safe, natural and requires no prescription for use. 

  Climestra is easy to use. Take 1 Climestra Female Libido pill when you want a boost in your sexual drive. Allow up to 24 hours to take effect. Do not exceed 2-3 pills in a 24 hour period. You may take 1 tablet daily to steadily increase sexual drive and libido. If you have taken the full dose (3 pills per day) for 30 days straight and want to continue to take Climestra daily, you should take the minimum effective dosage, which is 1 pill per day. You may also just take 2-3 pills on the days you want a strong burst of libido.

We recommend taking 1 pill at a time no closer than 4 hours apart. Also, taking each pill with a nutritious meal or snack will aid in absorption of the herbs and minimize unwanted side effects.





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