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Get a load of those beautiful, firm Britney's and  | Topic: OpinionWhat is on everybody's minds these days? Is it tuition? Or maybe racial epithets? I'd rather think that it's what is on my mind all the time, and what everyone, at one point in their day or another, talks about : Sex.

There, I said it. And don't deny that you think about it because we all do. We're human beings, with natural drives and desires that lead us to look at other people as potential mates. But what concerns me is that in doing so, we seem to fixate on certain parts of the anatomy.

Let's take the female body, for example. What do straight guys think about when it comes to women? It's sure as tuition increases not their eyes or sense of humor. Guys think about two things when it comes to women and sex: what I will call, for the terms of this publication, Britneys and J-Los.You know, those parts of female pop culture icons that we all (and I mean as a nation all) have been talking about.

Like why Britney Spears suddenly went up two cup sizes in a matter of months or why Jennifer Lopez never has to worry about her pants falling down-those parts of a woman's anatomy. My question, then, is why have we as the human race defined these features as a determinate of a woman's sex appeal? Why not her ears, or her calves? Those play just as big a role in the sexual act as Britneys and J-Los. But instead, we have become obsessed with the fattiest parts of the body, the places that, if Shylock asked a woman for a pound of flesh, she could cut some off without it killing her.And guys, don't think we're immune from this, either.

Girls (and even the occasional guy) are just as obsessed with our Britneys and J-Los. If you think I'm lying, simply look at the popularity of the boy band 98o. Their success has much less to do with their ability to harmonize and much more to do with their pecs and tight backsides.So now you're wondering why I've gone on and on about this.

Many of you have told me that it's just the way it is, and I should get over my concern for the objectification of the human body, specifically the Britneys and J-Los. But when I watch as people wreck havoc to their bodies with surgery, steroids and eating disorders, it becomes more than "just the way it is". There is more to a person than his tight J-Lo or her big Britneys. Something we all need to remember in those random thoughts and conversations we have everyday.

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