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Progressive Ponderings: A culture of gender inequality and stereotypes

Progressive Ponderings: A culture of gender inequality and stereotypes Date 2/16/2006 12:00 AM | Topic: OpinionWomen have more freedom today than ever in the history of our country, yet they are degraded as much by men today as they were in the past.

There is this double standard that a man can get 'random play' from a woman and be the man or the role model for his peers. At the very least, the male's actions are promiscuous and damaging to the female emotionally, mentally and even socially. Yet when a woman does the same thing as a man, she is considered a slut and disgraced among her female peers. For some reason there is a higher standard for women.

Isn't that gender inequality and hypocrisy among our culture? Many males claim to be advocates of civil rights for men and women of all races. However, we men continue to abuse, degrade and ignore the will of women concerning key issues. We put them on a sexual pedestal and ignore their emotions and cares. Some of us even lecture them on their actions of immorality.

By the way, don't think that by having sex with a random woman, a man is fulfilling her needs and caring about her. This kind of sex is self-centered, at least, and selfish, at best. Not all of the responsibility falls on men. Women have a responsibility to not be the negative stereotype, which involves the sexually promiscuous clothing and behavior we find common in today's culture.

Since men are primarily driven by their sexual impulses at this age, more so than women, women have to be careful with whom they trust and have relations, and they must be mindful of this stereotype. Point number one - dancing at Roscoe's isn't just about dancing. For most males, it is about sex. Grinding and 'close-dancing' can be about two people expressing feelings or desires for one another, regardless of sexual orientation and relationship, through the art and expression of dance.

However, this is seldom the case. Women dancing on their girlfriends may be fun or just a means of expression, but in fact it is what men want to see and this behavior only furthers stereotypes among women and the fantasies of men, which is not empowering to women but a continuation of degradation.Most males are looking to hook up and dancing is a relatively easy form of sexual stimulation. I have seen things I didn't want to see hanging out of men's pants, and unwanted and grotesque groping of women at the bar.

Women, you are not to blame for a male's unwanted groping of your own body, but you don't help the situation by staying silent or portraying the negative stereotype. Confusion and lack of communication only leads to someone getting hurt. Males still have to uphold their responsibility as well. If we see unwanted groping occurring, we have to come to a woman's defense.

Men must realize that there is a difference between sexy (appealing) and sexual (having or involving sex) (Webster's Dictionary). Men and women must both redefine and modify 'sexy' in order to avoid the unwanted 'sexual' encounters in the dorms, at the bars and at parties. Finally, if women think their sexuality and their ability to stimulate a male is something special or empowering, think again. Just looking on campus, there are countless beautiful women who deserve much more than a man for sexual needs.

Women deserve - and should demand - care and emotional connection from their male counterparts whom they are pursuing. Having said that, we males are in our sexual prime and we are driven by our sexual desires. Most men have a hard time dealing with it and choose a path of instant gratification through sexual exploitation or domination of women as displayed in popular culture (mainstream hip hop music is just one of the examples). If a woman gains the so-called power of sexuality by fulfilling a man's needs, she may be compromising the integrity and image of women by fitting the stereotype and reinforcing male domination.

Women still live in a man's world and both sexes have a long way to go if we are to progress further in gender equality and harmony in American culture, especially among our generation.--Drew Rindfleisch


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