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Reasons why you should desex your pet

Reasons why you should desex your petNeutering, desexing or speying is a routine veterinary operation where a dog is permanently sterilised.

In the male dog the testes are removed and in the female dog the ovaries and uterus are removed. Most dogs are fully recovered within 24 hours. There are many reasons why you should neuter your pet and most councils across Australia promote pet neutering as a part of responsible pet ownership. Primarily speying or neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies, responsible pet ownership includes not contributing the unwanted stray dog population.

It is a simple way for a pet owner who does not intend to breed to prevent their dog from mating and producing subsequent unwanted litters.Below are some reasons you might want to neuter your pet.. prevent unwanted pregnancys which helps to control the population of dogs and cats.

reduces amount of stray animals. prevent unwanted attention from male dogs. decrease the risk of mamery cancer in female dogs, when a female dog is sexed before the first season occurance of mamery cancer is very low..

improve the behavior of some male dogs, may calm the dog downIf you would like to keep your dog entire then it will involve extra commitment on your part to ensure that they do not join with another animal during their season. Dogs have a very strong instinctual drive to breed during their heat or season, during this time they are prone to escaping or being visited by the neighbourhoods male dogs who find a female dog in heat irresistable. Neutering prevents your animal from pursuing this strong instinct.


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