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Saphenous Nerve Conduction Study In Female Libido Hospital

Libido Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital SAPHENOUS NERVE CONDUCTION STUDY IN SIRIRAJ HOSPITAL Harnphadungkit K.

NORMATIVE STUDY OF MEDIAN  EVOKED POTENTIALS (SEPS) IN SIRIRAJ HOSPITAL Lukkanapichonchut P., Harnphadungkit K., Tosayanonda O. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University.

The study was performed in 35 healthy volunteers (21 females and 14 males). Their age ranged from 14 to 50 years (average female 29 ± 9 and male 26 ± 5 years). The methods are similar to the Evoked Potentials Committee of the American Association of Electromyography and Electrodiagnosis (AAEE - EPC).

There is no statistically significant difference in absolute and interpeak latency between right and left side in each sex. However, there is statistically significant differences between sex, male has longer absolute and interpeak latency than female except N13-N20 interpeak latency. Peak Latency (ms) mean ± SD p-value Male Female Libido Portion. .


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