"I had what I thought was 'good' sex all my adult life, but this is the first time I've experienced total sexual abandon. It felt like a total mind and body orgasm...incredible...thank you Climestra!"
... Rachel, 52, Georgia
  "My boyfriend loves to see me in absolute ecstasy. He bought Climestra to take me beyond the limits...and does it work!"
... Kathleen, 27, Massachusetts
  "What a difference. I used to dread sex and actually made excuses to avoid it or pretend to be asleep. Since I started using Climestra , I want it all the time, I think about it all the time, and I plan other things around my new sex life! My husband is thrilled that now I'm the one who initiates it."
... Louise, 46, Vermont
  "I always thought of myself as a good lover. But now I've discovered that sex is so much more than I thought. The sensations are so intense that I feel a sense of really merging, not just on a physical level but entirely melting into the experience. It's wonderful."
... Yvonne, 39, Wisconsin
  "After 3 kids, my sex life was nonexistent! Now, I don't know how long my husband and I make love. I totally lose myself! I think maybe last time it was around 4 hours, and we often feel as if we could go on and on. Climestra has changed my life!"
... Nancy, 29, Florida
  "I've had a lot of problems with vaginal dryness and uncomfortable intercourse. I've used all sorts of artificial lubricants, but Climestra does so much more than just lubricate -- it actually helps me feel aroused and gets the juices flowing again. This is such a breakthrough. I feel like a new woman."
... Karen, 62, California
  "I swear, Climestra has saved my marriage. My husband had gotten so used to me not being interested that he had almost given up. Now, not only is my husband incredibly appreciative that I want sex more often, but the electricity and the chemistry is back, too! We are flirting and playful with each other just like when we were first together. He loves that I tease and seduce him again, and that I can't wait to get him in the sack! No doubt, Climestra has given me the best sex ever. Wow! Why didn't I find out about this sooner?!"
... Michelle, 32, Washington
  "I could never climax before. I couldn't even understand what people were talking about. Now that I've had the real thing, I can't believe I went through life NOT knowing how great I could feel. Now I'm going to make up for lost time. Climestra showed me the way to total sexual satisfaction."
... Ann, 41, Texas
  "Before Climestra , I thought multiple orgasms were a myth. Was I wrong -- now I climax for so long seems it will never stop! I love it, and so does my boyfriend!"
... Mary, 53, Nevada
  "When I first ordered Climestra , I would never have admitted to anyone that I was using a sexual enhancing product. But once I found out how incredible it is, I actually got up the nerve to tell my friends. Now some of my friends have tried it, and I'm their hero for letting them know about it. Their partners thank me too! This is a great product. I'd recommend it to everyone."
... Wendy, 30, Minnesota



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