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The 2 Deadly Mistakes of Wife Seduction

When a guy gets turned down over and over again (when trying to create intimacy with his female partner) he often attempts to make adjustments.

This is a good thing.Unfortunately, most guys end making things much worse.So you are about to learn the 2 deadly mistakes guys make when attempting to correct the problem with their "not in the mood" female partner.Deadly "Wife Seduction" Mistake # 1Trying to learn how to be an awesome lover.

I'm referring to becoming better in bed. This may shock the hell out of you, but I'll explain. Here is what the guy thinks:He thinks that if he becomes so good in bed, his wife will want to keep coming back for more. (It's the wrong approach.

)Here is why the thinking is flawed.Again, the guy thinks that if he puts on a world class performance she will want it all the time. But the truth is, it doesn't matter how good you are in bed if you are a lousy Sexual Salesman she will not buy into your offer.There is a such thing as poor salesmanship.

A poor salesman couldn't sell hundred dollar bills for 50 cents.Trust me, I've seen poor salesmen in action. And in many cases they will talk themselves out of the sale. In other words, they end up convincing the person not to buy.

Keep this in mind:SEX is the product. And SEDUCTION is the process of selling the product. I'll give you another example.I could be thinking about eating a bacon cheeseburger from a certain fast food restaurant.

I know it tastes great because I had it before, but for whatever reason I'm not 'inspired' to eat it.But when I see the commercial (which seduces me), I suddenly develop a Strong Urge to have it - and as a result I will hop in my car and drive out there to get it.So it wouldn't matter too much if they kept trying to make the burger better and better and better.And that is the same mistake that guys make.

They try to improve the product (i.e. the sex), but NOT the more important selling process.Let's now look at sexual value and how that affects the selling process, because what you do from a "sexually operational" standpoint does not matter as much.

If a woman can cum from thought alone, then that must mean the mental side of things is very important.Have you ever been caressing a woman and suddenly she begins to orgasm?I remember one time being alone with a female and things were getting hot and steamy. We still had our clothes on. I began rubbing her all over while kissing her.

I stopped kissing her and just focused on rubbing her - in a matter of seconds she begins to orgasm.If you get a woman really turned on, this can happen. It depends on the woman and your sexual value. My point is it wasn't the fact that she was being rubbed that resulted in her cumming.

It was the fact that she was being rubbed by someone with sexual value.Every man (who alive right on planet Earth) CAN increase his Sexual Value!So when guys try to learn how to be better in bed, they are not considering the most important part - and that is increasing their sexual value.The right approach:1. You must increase your sexual value.

2. You must focus on selling (seduction) instead of improving the product (getting better at sex)Deadly "Wife Seduction" Mistake # 2Focusing on how you should approach her. (This is the wrong approach.)It is very flawed and you'll learn why in a second, but first let's see how it happens:When a guy begins to suffer from night-after-night "ego destroying" rejections, he will tend to do something very natural.

And that is thinking about how he can improve his Method of Approaching Her.The purpose of doing this is so that he can win a more favorable response in the future. The guy thinks that he has to approach her the "right" way and then she will accept him.He is partially right.

But the fact that he focuses all of his mental energy on figuring out what the right approach is, instead of working on increasing his sexual value makes him completely wrong.If you have little sexual value it doesn't matter how you approach her.That's like saying:How would a 900lb woman have to approach you for sex - in order to get you in the mood?If she has no sexual value to you, then the answer is nothing.Imagine if you saw her obsessing over how to approach you for sex.

That is actually the perfect analogy because guys are more physically turned on and women are more psychologically turned on.Wouldn't you agree that in order for her acceptance rate to increase, her sexual value would have to increase? (i.e. by losing weight or something).

The right approach:1. You must increase your sexual value.2. You must increase your sexual value.

3. You must increase your sexual value.You must increase your sexual value. Women respond unconsciously to things they are not aware of.

So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that turning women on doesn't have to be hard.The value (more importantly - the perception of value) of anything can increase!Catalogue: SocietyTitle: The 2 Deadly Mistakes of Wife Seduction By: CR James


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