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The first step to Antiaging - Testing for Hormone Levels

While the quest for youth goes back to the beginning of time, antiaging medicine is still in its infancy.

Since age, and the decline of hormones is often not taken into consideration many men and women suffer needlessly because their M.D.'s don't test for a decline in hormones.As we age this decline in hormones, such as testosterone, progesterone, IGF-1, DHEA, and others may result in a myriad of health problem, these include fatigue, impotence, lack of libido, lack of drive and a general lack of interest in life.

Many physicians do not take into account the fact that as we age hormones that are vital to our well being begin to decline. For example, the natural decline in testosterone as a man reaches middle age may be responsible for a decline in libido.Should you not have access to an antiaging physician locally, now through telemedicine, you can consult with a licensed antiaging M.D.

who will order the necessary tests to ascertain if you are suffering from a hormone imbalance. It is important to realize that we have a choice to age, or to age gracefully.Your antiaging MD can arrange for a comprehensive blood panels which are available for both men and women. These blood tests are your first step to an antiaging regime that will ensure that you age gracefully.

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