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What a shame

Actually: the more women you work with, the less youwill earn on an annual base! That means that the person who has a femalesupervisor, female subordinates, and female colleagues, is finished! And,yes, weÆre talking about tens of thousands of dollars disadvantage for theworst cases."Well, well, well," I thought to myself, "So thatÆs how the brotherhood ofmen discourages companies from hiring females."

Logical: if you hire womenin your team, youÆll feel it in your pocket. Who wants that? I mean: eventhe most altruistic soul who has a family to take care of cannot be expectedto be that greathearted.

One can also wonder where and how this outrageous policy ofdegrading women, solely because they were born in that sexual category,originated. And one can finally wonder if our hypocritical approach ofkilling womenÆs dignity is any better than the condemned historical -andhopefully now discontinued- Chinese policy of murdering female babies! Atleast they were blunt in China about their aversion toward women, as theyfinished them off before these females could grow up to find themselvesperceived as an untreatable disease!

Amazing is what I call the fact that humanity, in spite of a so-called highlevel of civilization, cannot seem to rise above prejudices as simple asrace, color, and gender: even today, where the call for meaning at work and quality of life seems unstoppable.I once read a statement that I cannot literally recall, but that hadcontents in the spirit of "ItÆs easy to feel good about yourself and motivate others when you are not born with the wrong color." And you can expand that with the wrong sex, the wrong race, or what not.

 I think its good to know your perceived disadvantages, and to realize that the secret to survival lies in your mind-set: Every disadvantage can actually be seen as an advantage because it forces you to work up a firmer backbone, a sterner approach toward your performance. 

And a stronger willpower to reach your goals no matter what. People who are confronted with a combination of societal disadvantages wrong sex plus wrong color plus wrong race) may definitely pride themselves in knowing that when they make it, they will have themselves to thank in the first place.


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